Apollino or lobster tails are among the most requested Igloo products.

Maybe because we make each piece by hand and the finished product retains its artisanal appearance. Maybe it’s because of the quality ingredients we use in our traditional recipe. Maybe it’s because of the guaranteed result: our lobster tails are easy to prepare and after cooking in the oven, perfect for being stuffed in many different ways.

Realizziamo a mano ogni pezzo per un risultato tradizionale nel gusto ed artigianale nell’aspetto.

Lobster tails are a classic of small Neapolitan pastries, in the Sunday glove box. Due to their shape and consistency they can be considered a variant of the Santa Rosa Sfogliatelle, another great Igloo classic.

Compared to the Sfogliatella Riccia, the Apollino is made by inserting choux pastry inside: during cooking the dough develops, lengthening the tail of the Apollino and creating a void inside which serves precisely to accommodate the generous filling.

If the classic recipe prefers a custard filling, it is not unusual to find pollen stuffed with hazelnut cream, cream, coffee cream, etc.

Our suggestion is to use our quality frozen semi-finished product to give space to your creativity as pastry chefs.

The neutral product is designed to accommodate and enhance any type of filling, from creams to ice cream and, why not, even savory fillings.