Pastry making is a family passion for us. This is how we went from the small laboratory of a few years ago to the modern food industry we are today. But let’s keep our obsession for good things, done well, intact. Watch this video shot in our laboratory!


Diodato’s Food has always been a family business, founded thirty years ago by Giampiero Diodato and today led by his children Erminio, Rita and Mauro together with their mother Giuliana. From the beginning our mission has always been to produce frozen foods, especially those of the Campania tradition, with particular attention to the quality of the raw materials and customer satisfaction.

With Igloo we bring our products throughout Italy and the world: the puff pastries, the croissants, the apollini, the pastiera are the cornerstones of our offer dedicated to bars, pastry shops, hotels and restaurants, together with the other products of the Savory, Semi-finished and Gia Cotti. If you are a commercial operator, download the Catalog and contact us to order!