Scent of spring and symbol of rebirth: pastiera was created precisely to celebrate the Resurrection. The wheat that sprouts from the bare earth, the eggs symbolizing new life, the water of a thousand flowers and the orange flowers that smell of spring, give life to the pleasant and aromatic dessert that we all know.

Every year in Campania homes this tradition is honored, a real ritual that takes us straight into the festive atmosphere and which often involves grandparents, children and grandchildren in the preparation. Each family has its own way of preparing the perfect pastry, of flavoring the wheat and ricotta filling, of the thickness and number of lozenges.

YOU, who are a professional operator, can choose our Igloo frozen pastiera, also available in single portions.

Pastiera napoletana monoporzione

The recipe is the original one with wheat, ricotta, eggs, candied fruit and the unmistakable aroma of orange blossom. The fragrant shortcrust pastry shell and the stripes on the surface complete the magic. Really simple to prepare and serve to your customers not only at Easter!