January is the month of the Cornetto. In fact, on January 30th, International Croissant Day is celebrated (#CroissantDay). It is a sort of “birthday” that celebrates one of the most loved and widespread desserts in the world.

The origins of croissant

Contrary to popular belief, the croissant was not born in France, but in Austria. Its origins are shrouded in legend which celebrates the identity of the Austrian people in opposition to the Turkish empire and domination. It is said, in fact, that in 1683 the Ottoman Empire was stopped with its armies at the gates of Vienna, its historic objective for expansion towards the west. Unable to take the city by force, they tried deception, digging underground tunnels to get past the city walls. Legend has it that pastry chefs and bakers worked in the basements of noble palaces – and not only.

It was these people who discovered the presence of the Turks in the city’s basement and, after raising the alarm, allowed the Austrian army to drive the Turks back, thus winning the war. To celebrate the event, a sweet bread in the shape of a crescent moon was made, precisely to mock the powerful defeated empire.

Kipferl, the ancestor of the croissant, shaped like a crescent moon to celebrate the victory over the Turks.

The kipferl, as it was called, was then “imported” to France and spread there also thanks to the arrival of Marie Antoinette who, a very young Austrian princess, arrived in Paris to marry the man who would become Louis XVI. Perhaps also due to this connection between the greedy Marie Antoinette and brioches, for centuries the historical falsehood has been cultivated according to which the queen – having learned of the unrest among the people due to hunger and famine – would have stated: “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche“.

The spread in France was rapid and the croissant became the undisputed king of viennoiserie, a branch of the white art dedicated to sweet leavened products, distinct from actual bread-making and pastry-making.

A much loved product

Returning to the present day, the croissant is a beloved dessert all over the world. Its perfect and refined shape suggests that it is an artisanal dessert but it is estimated that only 85% of croissants in the world are artisanal.

The secret of our frozen croissants is precisely this: an artisanal product in appearance and taste, made with a careful industrial process, preserved respecting the cold chain and distributed in the best bars and pastry shops, ready to be prepared and served even to the most demanding customers. demanding.

The Igloo Cornetteria

Discover our Cornetteria Product Line. Alongside the classic unfilled leavened and ready-baked products, we provide catering professionals with chocolate croissants, cream croissants, cream and black cherry croissants, apricot jam croissants and wild berry croissants.

Our line of frozen croissants is then enriched by the Cereal Croissant, made with a mix of multi-cereal flours for a result rich in taste and lightness. And for those looking for a super product, there is our Cornetto Re Nero, with a double chocolate cream filling: all the goodness of our croissant, to the nth degree.

Also discover the continental breakfast format with the Igloo Hotel Croissant and the Coffee-break Croissant.

Finally, for those looking for savory options, our Savory Croissant is a must, 30g of goodness and lightness to fill as you like, and our Würstel croissant with sesame seeds.

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