Among our most popular products there are certainly those dedicated to breakfast: croissants, puff pastries, parcels, and many other sweet frozen specialties that offer your customers a truly special breakfast every day.

In addition to desserts, and to accompany any occasion or moment of the day, Igloo offers you a line of truly delicious rustic products, perfect for a savory break, an aperitif or festive occasions (with buffets, for example). We prepare them using high quality raw materials, from frankfurters to cheeses, from meats to vegetables, so you can always have a supply of ready-to-cook frozen products suitable for any occasion in your freezer.

For example, try our line of Neapolitan sandwiches. Directly from the Neapolitan tradition, they are delicious filled sandwiches, in many different flavours, also available in a mignon version, perfect for an aperitif or to enrich the bread basket.


Our ready-to-cook frozen Neapolitan sandwiches are perfect for enriching your offer. Preparing them is really simple: just bake the product for about 20 minutes without waiting for it to freeze.

For buffets or super aperitifs you must try our assorted ready-to-cook frozen pretzels: we prepare them with our legendary puff pastry and 8 different fillings: frankfurters, tuna, peppers, spinach, salami, ham, mortadella & pistachio, tartare (capers, olives and anchovies). There really is something for all tastes, so you can treat yourself to a tasty break whenever you want.

It can be prepared in a few minutes and is really delicious: it is our frozen hot dog ready to cook in the oven. We prepare it with our puff pastry and a frankfurter filling with sesame seeds on the surface: the perfect break full of flavour.

Hot dog per tutti!

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