It’s really true: in the morning nothing is more inviting than a freshly baked croissant enjoyed calmly at the table or at the counter of your favorite bar. Its scent and goodness give you the right energy to start the day well. Precisely to make your customers’ breakfasts special and varied, our line of croissants is enriched with new flavors to try.

After the classic ready-made frozen croissants or the frozen croissants to rise and our legendary frozen chocolate croissant – the Black King – here are three new cereal croissants for you. Cereal croissants are the wholemeal version of the classic croissant, obtained using a mix of multigrains. Cereal croissants are rich in fibre, excellent allies for our well-being.

The result is a cereal croissant with an authentic cereal flavour, the right compromise between goodness and lightness.

Choose our unfilled frozen cereal croissant available in both the ready-to-bake and leavening versions. Perfect to serve with a sprinkling of sugar or with your favorite creams and jams.

Also try our cereal and frozen honey croissant: the boost of well-being and energy to start the day well. Also in this case we have a product ready to be cooked or leavened.

And for a real boost of sweetness and goodness for breakfast, also purchase our ready-made frozen cereal and berry croissant, enriched with plenty of red berry jam.