Pain au chocolat is an institution of French pastries and breakfasts.

According to tradition, it was created at the beginning of the 19th century, when the Austrian officer August Zang and his compatriot Ernest Schwarzer founded a shop in Paris, at 92 Rue de Richelieu.

Thus was born viennoiserie, a branch of the white art dedicated to sweet leavened products, distinct from actual bread-making and pastry-making.

From that moment on, the tasty loaf with an irresistible chocolate filling has spread throughout the country, acquiring the name chocolatine in the southern regions of France.

In 2018 the French parliament even discussed what the official name of this irresistible dessert should be, finally opting for the Parisian term: pain au chocolat.

And in Italy?

In our country, we have given an interpretation of the typical French sweet with the Saccottino or what we call Faciocco, made with delicious puff pastry filled with chocolate cream and chocolate sprinkles on the surface.

Add our Faciocco to your offer for breakfast, snack, sweet buffet. It is a ready-to-oven frozen product, available in packs of 40 pieces. weighing approx. 90gr.