On the occasion of Carnival, we rediscover one of the traditional fried desserts: the krapfen.

It is a fried dessert of Austrian origin in the shape of a donut, made of sweet leavened dough, filled with jam or cream, and sprinkled with sugar.

The krapfen seems to have already been known in the 17th century in Graz, where for carnival it was sold hot on the street. From the town in Styria it spread to Vienna, and then established itself in the Trentino areas as well.

Over time this delicious pancake conquered Italy with different variations: in Tuscany and the Romagna Riviera it became the bombolone filled with custard. In Rome it became bomba alla crema, in Modena the Crafen, in Naples the graffa filled with black cherry jam.

Artusi suggested filling the dough before cooking so that the aroma spreads evenly throughout every part of the donut.

Krapfen are the protagonists of our Already Cooked line of frozen desserts: they are ready to use. Soft, light and never greasy. Packaged in blisters ideal for storage and thawing.

In addition to the simple krapfen, we have the Krapfen Più with chocolate and the Krapfen Più with custard.

The line also includes Donuts or Ciambelle, available in the maxi frozen donut version with sprinkles and in the mini frozen donut version, and the legendary Zeppola (or graffa): all products are frozen already cooked. Just defrost them for about an hour at room temperature or in the microwave and serve them in all their golden and irresistible goodness.